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Keeping the world’s wheels turning

Tens of thousands of Comdata personnel from all over the world pull together to fight the coronavirus crisis and support the global economy

As the world shuts down and its streets become deserted, the lifeblood of its economy continues to flow – not only in the office buildings but also inside the private homes of determined individuals and through the capillaries of the world wide web.

With health care workers saving lives on the front line, the battle against coronavirus is also being conducted by second line people, so that when, as it must, this pandemic passes, life, and the means by which it is lived, can resume.

This has demanded an enormous physical, technical and logistical effort in order to promptly implement safety measures recommended from the authorities in all the sites putting the health of employees before anything else and transfer tens of thousands of IT devices, items of equipment and software applications from Comdata offices to the homes of its personnel. Then make it all work.

#TheComdataBackstage puts the spotlight on Comdata operational people to talk you through their experience to the current unexpected and unprecedented situation.

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Story Italy


#TheComdataBackstage Turkey

#TheComdataBackstage Colombia

#TheComdataBackstage Morocco

#TheComdataBackstage France

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