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As the world shuts down and its streets become deserted, the lifeblood of its economy continues to flow – not only in the office buildings but also inside the private homes of determined individuals and through the capillaries of the world wide web. With healthcare workers saving lives on the front line, the battle against coronavirus is also being conducted by second-line people, so that when, as it must, this pandemic passes, life, and the means by which it is lived, can resume.

“Our efforts are paying off”

In Latin America, our clients were so impressed with how quick and efficient Comdata were in handling the emergency, that one of the agents, William, reports that business is actually booming. 

Our service achieved 100% of our goals for the month, and we were among the first to develop a strategy for working from home,” he says. “We had it all up and running in record time.”

There were mobility restrictions in Colombian cities, so we had to distribute some of the equipment  with our own vehicles and deliver them house by house. It took 15 days of work by the operational and the technological teams.

An extraordinary achievement, especially given that, in addition to transferring more than one thousand workstations to the individual homes of Comdata employees under the strict travel restrictions in force, they also found time to arrange a rota to pick up and deliver shopping to those working from home. 

#Real people Colombia

We are taking pride in our spirit of service, and doing our bit to help in the middle of the crisis, a crisis that is giving us the opportunity to be closer, more compassionate, more human,” says William.

Making it technologically possible to operate from every one of our team members’ homes wasn’t easy. My colleagues and I are very grateful because Comdata’s first thought has been for the people rather than the ‘numbers’. We have all been given the opportunity to keep our jobs and help others in these difficult times, when many people are out of work.

William and his colleagues are now ensuring morale remains high by holding daily team meetings where problems can be raised and solved. And all their efforts are paying off. 

Thanks to the immediacy with which we acted at the beginning of the crisis, some clients have asked us to grow in April and we are urgently training people by videoconference so they can come and join us.

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