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Dear colleagues, 

There are times when people's motivation and determination to give their best, are fundamental to their community, in order to face and overcome unforeseen difficulties together. 

Today, we are going through one of these times, and it is important to remember the value of teamwork towards a common objective. 

Every day, all of you, employees of Comdata group, are contributing to provide your fellow citizens support, answers and solutions to a wide variety of problems in their daily lives. 

The priority now is to overcome these complex and uncertain times. To do so, it is extremely important that each and every one of us follow, with the utmost attention, the rules and the recommendations of our national authorities. Comdata group has promptly implemented such measures, putting the health of our employees in the workplace before anything else. 

Many of you, with a great sense of responsibility, and while respecting the necessary safety measures, continue to work every day at Comdata sites to ensure the continuity of care services that are, every day more and more, extremely important for individuals and families forced to give up social and professional interactions. This is the task that has always distinguished us, and it is fundamental that we continue to carry it out - with all the necessary caution but also without giving in to fear. 

On the other hand, many employees are already working remotely, from home, according to the conditions provided by the competent authorities for Smartworking or Agile Work. All this is possible thanks to the use of digital technologies that enable us to manage huge volumes of data and to guarantee secure, efficient and constructive interactions with all users. I assure you that the Comdata Group's management, in all the countries where we operate, is giving the highest priority and is making every possible effort to accelerate and to extend the use of Smartworking or Agile Work as soon as possible. 

Today, more than ever before, your commitment is being recognised by all the people who come in contact with you every day, and by all our partners, clients, public administration bodies and institutional representatives. This is not a circumstantial statement - I am very often receiving this feedback personally. 

I am convinced that thanks to the sense of unity and responsibility that distinguishes us, each of us will continue to do our part. The desire to react will overcome difficulties and fears, and I am sure that, when we have passed through this and we are able to look back at this difficult period - we will all be proud of what we’ve done. 

Alessandro Zunino

Chief Executive Officer Comdata Group 

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